There are many exciting, specialised Computer Software applications which we have been developing in Australia since 1979.

Our products include Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Software CAD/CAM applications such as Architect, Modeller, Redstick Site CAD (the latest and greatest application for portable and versatile on-site professional CAD), Spatial Planner, Framer, Viewer, FarmMAP, Numerical Control ( CAM ) and Mapping as well as other software packages including Surveyor, Animator, MasterMine, CADAir, ViewPlot, AquaCAD, PlayQuip, FashionCAD.

Providing exceptional Integration, 3D Design, Drafting, Modeling, Rendering and Animation, all with optimum re-use of all drawing entities resulting in more effective use.

“It is not just how fast you Draw but how you Design.”

We leave just fast on the Drawing Board and enable Design.

The right information in the right place at the right time.

How? We respond to you. Why? Because this is who we really are.

We are Architects, Engineers and Designers.

We are Spatial.

Your Intelligent Edge