Modeller is a 3D modelling package that is simply structured and easy to use, but with powerful functions, making it ideal for all projects from simple drafting to complex modelling.

Modeller gives you total control over your workflow, and includes everything you need to produce impressive models and polished drawings. The package was designed to help you produce fully annotated and accurate drawings, and employs optimum reuse of drawing entities for more effective use.

Key features

    • Unlimited colours, 1000 layers, unlimited layer groups, and unlimited line styles and thicknesses
    • All views are ‘live’ views. You may work in any view, if you modify your model your changes are immediately reflected in all other views
    • Hidden line, hidden surface and photo-realistic imaging are all standard functions
    • Automatically produce detailed sections from the model using the sectioning tools
    • Plot directly from the screen or compose multiple drawings onto a single sheet
    • Advanced measurement tools to calculate lengths, areas, volumes and centres of gravity provide you with a variety of unit systems including metric, imperial and fractions
    • Non-graphic or textual information can be stored with an entity, model or database giving huge flexibility in scheduling and bill of materials extraction
    • Every part of the Modeller software can be customised to suit your particular needs, including icon menus, pull-down menus, colour schemes and even macro hotkeys
    • Frequently repeated commands can be saved into macro files to automate repetitive tasks and increase your productivity
    • Modeller now also features the ability to save and read in a large number of raster based formats such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF and GIF
    • Modeller functions and file formats are consistent across all platforms – drawings created on one operating system can be easily transported to another without data loss.