Architect© combines the ability to rapidly model building elements in full 3D while simultaneously and automatically handling routine drawing tasks. Architect gives you the ability to design and document building projects using a single three-dimensional model.

With Architect there is no need to make a choice between a highly-automated system best suited to residential work or an ‘industrial strength’ general purpose program to handle larger scale projects. Architect© allows you to produce accurate and impressive drawings directly from the model, and at any time during the modelling process, various standard projections and user-defined perspective views can be quickly generated as wire-frame or full-colour rendered and shaded images.

Architect’s own photo-realistic raytrace rendering allows you to define and place lights, assign materials and textures to your walls, roofs and to any surfaces on the fly, helping you visualise your final design. You can even calculate shadows and sun studies at any time of day for anywhere in the world, plotted to form part of your planning submission.

Architect works the way you do

Architect allows you the freedom to ‘sketch’ the plans with no need to adhere to rigid dimensional constraints. You can ‘sketch’ walls in freehand, then shuffle them into alignment with each other, boundaries or set-out lines. Simple schematic walls can be quickly and selectively changed as you make decisions about construction.

Insert openings and move them about while the system does all the hard work. Junctions are retained, openings healed and re-cut, and hatching regenerated throughout the most radical of operations while constantly maintaining the integrity of the drawings. Complicated tasks such as creating roofs are automated, making your job even easier. Simply select the exterior wall and Architect will do the rest. All automated functions are editable giving you maximum control and flexibility.

Smart and intuitive

Given the power and capabilities of Architect, you might expect it to be difficult to use. The Architect development team takes care to provide you with intuitive visual tools to make learning easy and fun. A novice can be productive on basic tasks in your office in just a few hours, while the expert user will continue to discover and unleash Architect’s almost endless possibilities.